7. SEM, PPC, & PPV

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing.  There are literally endless sources of information on this topic.  For beginners, I recommend starting with Bing or Yahoo.  Stay away from Google until you have some experience.  I’ll post some information on Search Engine Marketing down the line, but keep in mind that to do well with this traffic source, become an expert on selecting good KEYWORDS.  To begin, create an account at Bing.com and learn the platform in and out before you start asking other people questions.  They have tutorials and all sorts of great resources for beginners.

The typical pay structure for SEM is PPC (Pay Per Click).  You are basically paying the search engine a certain amount each time someone clicks on your ad.

For an intro to PPV marketing, watch this entire webcast.  PPV stands for Pay Per View, and basically you pay per thousand views your ad gets.  Typically PPV refers to pop advertising, whether it be pop ups, pop unders, etc…  People who have adware installed on their computers (typically gets installed with browser toolbars) will see your pop up ads.  The basic method is to advertise to people when they visit certain URLs or visit pages with certain keywords.  For example, you should Pop visitors who are searching for adware removal or spyware removal software (because they are sick of seeing popups) with an Spyware/Aware Removal Offer that pays $20 a download.  In this case you are killing 2 birds with one stone: helping someone while at the same time making money 😛

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