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Affiliate Summit West 2012

The team got back from ASW in Las Vegas just the other day. We had a great show! Some highlights included walking the convention hall, attending the meet market, partying at the Bank (at the Bellagio) which is a SICK club, attending the Tip off Party and the Mailer Meetup parties at the Palms, and to finish it off we got to see Nelly perform at the AffiliateBall! If you want to make money online this is the place to be to make deals and network with partners from all over the world.

Out of all of the shows I typically attend (Ad Tech SF and NYC, and ASW in Vegas and ASE in NYC), I believe that ASW in Vegas is the best show to attend, for a few reasons.  First, I’d argue its the most popular show among affiliates, so the turnout is solid.  The parties are the best (its in Vegas… come on!).  You get the best mix of exhibitors that show up – traffic sources, vendors, networks, etc. (compared to AdTechs).   Also, since its Vegas, prices are much better for hotels and food compared to NYC and SF.  When I was in NYC last, we paid 10x the cost for our hotel and it was 1/10th as nice as the digs we enjoyed in Vegas.  Another thing — seems everyone’s mood at the Vegas show is more positive… everyone’s having more fun!  Vegas is just a great atmosphere for a convention like this.

I just learned that they will be having an ASC (Affiliate Summit Central) which will be a smaller conference in Austin, TX.  I guess they are capping the attendee list at a few hundred and only having a few dozen tables/exhibitors.  I probably won’t be going to this one but it would be worth it for anyone who lives near Austin.

I had a chance to stop by a few of the sessions which were helpful.  I also got to see part of the keynote which was more inspirational than anything.  Typically the best part of going to these shows is the networking with new clients/contacts and also seeing your current business partners to discuss projects and goals for the year.

I was able to attend the keynotes from John Spoelstra & Eric Thomas (on Jan 9) and ShoeMoney’s (on Jan 10). All of these speakers provided very inspirational speeches and my favorite was probably Spoelstra’s. He is a very successful business man, and has written several books such as Marketing Outrageously which I highly recommend.

I think one of the best times to network at the show is at the Meet Market which was in the Forum Ballroom… its face to face networking, and people are usually not tired out from all of the partying at the show since it takes place on the first day… so definitely don’t miss out.

One of the sessions I enjoyed was the SEO Clinic because you had the chance to have experts review a site for SEO problems and tips on how to get the site to rank better in the search engines.

I made a lot of contacts at this show. One company you should definitely check out is Sterkly. Feel free to contact Dennis Olson for assitance: Mobile: (949) 244-2512,,

Banana Ads Private Network

3 reasons to join

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ASW 2011

I’m currently on my way to Vegas for Affiliate Summit West 2011. It’s gonna be a productive show for me and it’s a great way to kick start business in 2011.

I look forward to meeting new people at this show — media buyers, search engine marketers, social media players, emailers, domainers, advertisers, etc…

If you’re looking for the party list, hit up the ASW website and the party thread on Wickedfire.

ASE: Worth It?

In a word: definitely.

I had a great time out in NYC last week.  Although the after hours party scene isn’t as intense as ASW or AdTech SF, it was still a lot of fun.  Saw a lot of familiar faces and met a ton of new people as well.  It’s also pretty cool to put faces to names – there are so many people I only know via AIM/phone and I have no idea what they look like until I see them at conferences.

Aside from the swag you pickup at these conferences, a lot of businesses have special deals for conference attendees, i.e. coupons, etc…

Here’s a few: (self serve PPC platform) – For a $50 credit use promo SESP100 – save 20% with AFFSUMMIT expires nov 1 2010

I need to go through some more fliers and maybe I’ll update this with more coupons later this week.

One of the highlights of the conference (for me) was HeavyTs dinner that was sponsored by Ads4Dough among others.  See some of the pics here.  Of course, it was open bar, so everyone had a good time.

If you have some time, watch the Keynote from ASE here.

Couple pics:



Affiliate Summit East 2010

On Saturday I’ll be headed to New York City to attend ASE2010.  I’m excited because this will be the first time I’ll be going to New York and going into the city.  I’ve been to the airport a few times for layovers to/from Europe, but never had a chance to head into the city.  If you’re gonna be around, hit me up.  I’ll be at the meet market on Sunday, the expo Monday and Tuesday, and probably many of the socials/parties in the evenings.

Here’s a nice party list I found.  I recommend RSVP-ing ASAP if you want to get in to any of them.

Party List

See you there!

Ad:Tech San Francisco 2010

I’ve been super busy since Ad:Tech and although I’ve been meaning to write about it, I just haven’t gotten around to it until now.  All in all this was probably my best conference in terms of networking and meeting a lot of important industry people, outside of affiliates and affiliate networks.  The parties were pretty good too.  Monday afternoon I met up with RicDes, Mattern, Heavy T and a few other guys for lunch.  Took em to a place called House of Nanking on the border of North Beach and ChinaTown.  Monday night involved heading to Clift and “The Great American Music Hall” (what a dumb name) for some company’s party.  Tuesday night was the 202 meetup and a bunch of other stuff.

Here are some snapshots:

The AffBuzz Bday Cake (above)

Phoenix Morgan


Ian Fernando


Saurik.  This guy is an internet celebrity and he looks like Gandalf from LOTR.  He basically figures out how to jailbreak/unlock anything that apple comes out with.  After talking with him for a few mins he pulled out his newly broken iPad and showed me that Cydia and Icy were installed.  This is only a few days after Apple released the product.  Pretty cool.


Saw this on a poster board.


View from my room at the W.


Thought I’d throw this in.  This is Picnic Day at UC Davis on Saturday before AdTech.  Basically just thousands of college students partying all day long.


Some random band at the American Music Hall? ( I think that’s the name).  It was open bar.


EWA party

There’s No Money At All in Local Lead Gen

Yeah, I’m being sarcastic.

Today Tech Crunch released an article about Groupon‘s financial situation.  The current valuation of the company is $1.35 BILLION dollars.  They just raised $130 MILLION in VC funds.  That’s on top of the $1 MILLION + they are making per week in PROFIT. We all know there is no money in local lead gen 🙂  lol

In my opinion, Groupon is a pure example of how much potential there is in local lead generation.  People like the idea so much that they have been copying Groupon’s site idea and starting similar sites overseas.  Some even use the exact same design and everything. There is huge potential with local markets, because competition is minimal, and barrier to entry is low.  Even with Groupon’s seemingly “monopolistic” takeover and intimidating size, there is virtually limitless potential in the local space. Remember, Groupon is only advertising ONE company’s offer in a geographic area each day.  There are thousands of other companies to target.

If you are looking to get into this space and learn what you need to know to get started, consider ordering Local Lead Plan.  Its a set of PDF guides to teach you all the secrets of a successful local lead generator.  I’ve heard many good things about this program/tutorial, so consider it a good investment.

$15,000 in Free Traffic?

Step 1: Find a weakness in an advertising platform

Step 2: Keep this information to yourself

Step 3:  Take advantage of the weakness

Step 4: Go deposit profits at bank

Last year, there was a trick people were using on a popular social network advertising platform that involved manipulation of bid prices, and affiliates were able to pull in traffic for 1-2 cents a click where clicks were normally 30-60 cents.  I won’t mention the network specifically but in short, you created an ad, put your bid price per click very high, waited for your first click, then lowered your bid price to a couple cents.  The system read the high bid price and gave your ad priority impressions, and continued giving your ad priority impressions for a short time even after changing the bid price down to a couple pennies.  This resulted in tons of clicks for almost nothing.  Using a program like iMacros, you were able to automate this and let it run.

More recently, someone (not saying who) found a loophole in a certain advertising platform (if I said the name you would know what I’m talking about because you probably advertise there).  In short, this person was able to get about $15k in traffic in a couple day’s time (until the loophole was closed).  The trick involved setting up a new advertising account with no funding, submitting an ad for approval, getting the ad approved, and clicking a button to make the ad go live.  The ad would go live for about 15-20 seconds and would receive massive traffic (assuming you put the bid high enough).  After that time the system would recognize that there was no funding for the ad and would pause it.  Using iMacros the whole operation was automated until the trick stopped working.

I’m not saying you should build your business around finding loopholes, but just keep your eye open.  Whenever a new system/platform comes out, its bound to have weaknesses that you can monetize.

AdTech SF Parties 2010

UPDATED 4/19/10


BluePhoenix Pre AdTech Mixer

Location: 466 Haight Street, San Francisco

10 PM – 2 AM


RockIt Media / Partner Weekly ROCK OUT Party

Location: 859 O’Farrell Street

9 PM – 1 AM


AdTech Delegate Party

Location: Room 134 at the Moscone Center

5 PM – 6:30 PM

Ad:tech Opening Night Party (Unofficial)

Location: Roe Restaurant (1/2 block from Moscone North)

7:30 PM – 10:30 PM


Engage Private Event

673 Geary St.

6-10 PM

RSVP: Send an email to with ‘RSVP engage:BDR’ in the subject field.

AffBuzz Meeting

Location: 868 Mission St

1-2:30 PM


Moss Networks Mix n Mingle

Location: Manor West 750 Harrison Street

10 PM – ?


ClickBooth Party

Location: 1015 Folsom Street

10PM – 3 AM


Cocktails for a Cure Party (Avon)

Location: House of Shields

7:30 – 10:30

RSVP: None

Internet Oldtimers Party

Location: XYZ bar in the W Hotel



BlumBerg Party

Location: Blumberg Offices 585 Howard Street

6-9 PM


Tracking 202 Meetup

Location: B Restaurant – Moscone Center (Upstairs)

5PM – 7 PM


AdTech Big Network Bash

Location: Room 134 at the Moscone Center

6- 7:30 PM Party

Location: Can’t publish

9PM – 2 AM


AdRoll + Girls In Tech Party

138 Minna Street @ John Collins Lounge

6-11 PM

RSVP: Not Needed?  Just show up I think.


Facebook AdTech After Party

511 Harrison Street


RSVP: For all registered attendees of F8.

Get a Free Ad:Tech San Francisco Pass!

Now is the time to register for Ad:Tech SF.  You can get a free pass by going here and signing up before March 19, 2010.  Ad:Tech is an awesome conference.   I attended last year and had a great time.  It’s different from ASW in the sense that ASW is more publisher/affiliate network focused, and Ad:Tech is more focused on traffic sources.  You’ll get a chance for 1:1 face time with reps at the different ad networks, and this is helpful when starting to drive large volume because you can leverage these relationships to negotiate the terms of your traffic costs, etc… Not only will you get to talk with the ad networks, but you’ll get to meet tons of other affiliates who you can collaborate with after the conference is over.

See you there!