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Trick on How to get $50 Free Facebook Ad Credit

This happened to a friend of mine recently, so we basically just stumbled on a way to get a free Facebook ad credit. What you want to do is log into your Facebook advertising account (I assume it only works with a new account you haven’t used before) and create an ad for pretty much anything you want. Continue with creating the ad until you get to the point where you “fund” the account with your credit card. At this point, just stop and close the page or log out.

In a few days, Facebook Ads will send you an email mentioning that they noticed you didn’t finish setting up your ad and in that same email they will offer you a $50 coupon for an ad credit. Pretty simple. Post in the comments below if you have any success with this!

Some POF Advertising Tips

The key to making money on the internet comes down to one word: TRAFFIC.  Same goes for all campaigns on Plenty of Fish (  Get a lot of traffic that converts and you will make $.

I personally know people who’ve made 4 figures a day profit running on POF, so it’s nothing to laugh about.

I’m not sure if any of these tips have already been discussed on other internet marketing blogs, but I thought I’d share them anyways.

Tip #1: Increase CTR.  There are two ways to do this.  First, slowly increase CPM, this will get you higher priority impressions on visitors. Second, slowly increase frequency cap (sweet spot is usually 3 to 8 ) – this will increase your ad’s visibility to individual visitors.  You will have to play around with these variables to make sure you don’t lose a ton of money.  For example, if you are bidding at 30 cents CPM, dont move it to 60 cents immediately…. make changes gradually and track results.  Also remember to not use round numbers, try odd numbers like 33 cents and 59 cents.  This is old news.

Tip #2: Play around with the session depth targeting option.  When a person first logs in to see their POF profile, they’ll typically spend a few minutes checking messages etc before paying attention to ads.  You can avoid wasting ad impressions by excluding ad impressions on the first 5 or 6 pages the visitor sees with the session depth variable.  Let’s say you want to run a gaming offer on POF.  Typically you want bored people to see your ad so they have a higher chance of clicking on it.  If you force impressions late in a visitors session depth, your CTR will be much better.  Another campaign you can run in a late session depth might be a dating campaign.  Try headlines like “Bored of the girls on this site?”  or something like that (I have no idea if that will work its just an idea).  Typically people late in session depth have already seen everything they wanted to on the site and are probably just browsing around and might be bored.

Tip #3: Play around with the login count variable.  This can be used to show ads to either new members or members who have been using POF for a while.  Let’s say you want to run a diet rebill on POF.  Typically members who have been on the site for a while have already seen these ads many times over the past year or two, and will be blind to your ads (aka banner blindness), and will just overlook them.  You will be wasting impressions on these visitors.  Instead, try limiting your ad displays on a campaign like this to people who are new and have a low login count (maybe try 1-25).  Newer POF members are probably more likely to click on these types of ads and convert.

Tip #4: Use landing pages for campaigns that you would typically direct link.  Make the landing page look like the offer page so that the shock factor is reduced when they click over.  With this method you can possibly capture data (which is worth $) among other things.  Distinguish yourself and try something new.  Stop copying everyone else and be innovative— eventually something will work and you will make a lot of money.

Tip #5: International traffic is cheap on POF – take advantage of it.  I hear traffic for males in countries like UK/AUS/Canada is cheap, like 10-15 cent CPMs.  The volume is lower than the USA, but its much cheaper.

Domain Aribtrage

Let’s say a certain site,, gets a ton of traffic (yes it’s a subdomain).  How many people forget to put that period in and type in in their browser?  A lot.  Why let those people go to a blank page?  Spend $10, buy that entire subdomain string without the “.”  ( if available) and send those visitors to a landing page of your choice (perhaps related to the target site) or just park a page there at the least.  Once you buy the domain you WILL get free traffic.  No doubt about it.

You can make a lot of money with this technique.  Just do some research and find a subdomain that gets a lot of traffic, then check to see if the subdomain string without the period is available.  I’m keepin this post short because there’s really not much more to it.  There are more techniques but I’ll talk about those in a later post.

$15,000 in Free Traffic?

Step 1: Find a weakness in an advertising platform

Step 2: Keep this information to yourself

Step 3:  Take advantage of the weakness

Step 4: Go deposit profits at bank

Last year, there was a trick people were using on a popular social network advertising platform that involved manipulation of bid prices, and affiliates were able to pull in traffic for 1-2 cents a click where clicks were normally 30-60 cents.  I won’t mention the network specifically but in short, you created an ad, put your bid price per click very high, waited for your first click, then lowered your bid price to a couple cents.  The system read the high bid price and gave your ad priority impressions, and continued giving your ad priority impressions for a short time even after changing the bid price down to a couple pennies.  This resulted in tons of clicks for almost nothing.  Using a program like iMacros, you were able to automate this and let it run.

More recently, someone (not saying who) found a loophole in a certain advertising platform (if I said the name you would know what I’m talking about because you probably advertise there).  In short, this person was able to get about $15k in traffic in a couple day’s time (until the loophole was closed).  The trick involved setting up a new advertising account with no funding, submitting an ad for approval, getting the ad approved, and clicking a button to make the ad go live.  The ad would go live for about 15-20 seconds and would receive massive traffic (assuming you put the bid high enough).  After that time the system would recognize that there was no funding for the ad and would pause it.  Using iMacros the whole operation was automated until the trick stopped working.

I’m not saying you should build your business around finding loopholes, but just keep your eye open.  Whenever a new system/platform comes out, its bound to have weaknesses that you can monetize.

Make Bank with Facebook Groups

You can make money by creating free Facebook Groups.  This simple, free traffic source is often overlooked by many.  Recently, a friend of mine created a bunch of Facebook groups, and now (a few weeks later) the number of members for each group is in the thousands. With Facebook Groups, if I’m not mistaken you can send direct messages to up to 5000 members at a time.  If the number of members in the group exceeds 5000, you can’t direct message all members.  Good to keep in mind when your group starts to grow past 5000.  If you create a group that reaches membership in the hundreds of thousands, you can sell that group online for thousands of dollars. Once you have your group, treat it like an email base — don’t blast messages to them too often, otherwise they will leave your group.  Once a week should be okay.  Make your message blasts relevant, informative, and monetize-able. For each group you create, be sure to add a script so that new members can invite ALL of their friends to also join the group.

Tips for creating groups that will naturally attract large membership bases:

1. Create a group based on world events or pop culture.  If something huge happens in the news, create a group about it.  If a famous person dies, create a group in their honor.  If one of the Judges on American Idol annoys the heck out of you, create a group criticizing them in a unique/funny way.  Come up with your own ideas!

2. Create a group based on past events or eras.  “People Born in the 1980s,” “My Grandfather F aught in WWII,” Etc…

3. Create a group based on location.  “People of San Jose California” etc…  Once you get massive membership in local groups like this, you can do some Local Lead Gen.

4. Create a group based on interest.  For example, “I Love Golf.”  Imagine if you had a user base of even just 5000 in a group like this.  Blast out a direct message telling them about a new, sick golf game you  found (, and tell em they can play it for free.  If even just 5% of your members sign up to play, at $1/lead that’s $250.

5. Create a group based on a Facebook App or Game.  Once you get massive membership, send out messages like “Get 50 points for X in Y game by Playing this new game!”  or “Get 50 Points in X game for inviting all of your friends to play Y game” — then put your affiliate link for the new (related) game in there. Then, create an ebook detailing the secrets of how to win Y game, and sell it for $50.  At least a few of the 5000 members will buy it 🙂

World Golf Tour: a sick little game you can bank with

If you’re looking for a straightforward offer to run, look no further than World Golf Tour.  The USGA recognizes WGT as the exclusive platform provider for its virtual golf championships, and this partnership can’t hurt.  A sponsorship like that makes the game look even more legit.  Although this offer just came out recently and is hitting daily caps on the few networks that have it, starting in April caps should increase and that means more money for everyone.  This isn’t atypical for a new offer – usually an advertiser will test the waters with lower volume in the beginning, and take some time to test the quality of the leads that come in.  Later on, when the advertiser realizes the quality is okay and they can profit from the leads that come through, they open the flood gates.

If you can drive some volume on Facebook or Myspace, definitely give this offer a test run.  If you have the money to do a media buy, try golf/sports/game related sites.  Although no PPV at the moment, if that is ever allowed – popping a clone LP of the offer on any golf related domains would probably crush it.  As for some keyword ideas, I spent 10 minutes making a list that you can find below.  Some ideas I came up with include top lists of golfers, favorite golf movies, etc.


March Madness Campaign Idea

I’ve got a campaign idea that I think would do pretty well.  It just needs to be tested.  Here in the states, every March there’s a huge college basketball tournament that is commonly referred to as “March Madness.”

We have an offer in our system called “Dish Network – March Madness” that pays out $13.50/lead on a first page submit.  You can choose from multiple offer landing pages.

Here’s the link to the offer (I pasted the whole link so you can see how to set it up):– &lp=march_madness_z01

Targeting options with an offer like this would be pretty simple.  For example, you could try running on facebook with keyword and other demo targeting.  For example, keyword= UCLA.  There are hundreds of thousands of students/graduates that have profiles on Facebook that are either part of the or have similar keywords in their profiles.  You can also target by city or zip code (Los Angeles/90024), or education status (in college, college graduate), etc..

Ad title variations could be somewhere along the lines of “Watch March Madness?, Get March Madness for $20, Have NCAA Basketball Fever?, Watch (school name here) Basketball?, Watch (school name here) Basketball for $20, Watch (school name here) beat (opposing school name) for $20?”, etc.

These are just some quick ideas I came up with off the top of my head but I’m sure you can come up with something that is creative.  For the picture try using action shots, pictures of people watching TV, etc..  Using school logos might be a but risky due to copyright laws.

Check out for even more Facebook targeting ideas.