My name is Mike Navarini. I’m a no-nonsense internet entrepreneur from the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve created and run various businesses on and offline since I was a teenager. This site is intended to help my industry partners (advertisers/publishers/affiliates/clients/vendors/colleagues) learn how to improve their businesses, but also to serve as a platform for me to share my thoughts and passions with anyone who is interested in reading.

I’ve always been an enterpriser; I started my first business, Handy Boys, when I was 8 years old.  With the help of my brothers, we went around selling peaches and apricots from our ranch to neighbors, cleaning windows, doing yard work, etc.  Since then I have done niche things such as sharpen shears for hair salons, etc… pretty random stuff.

Following two years working in corporate America (management consulting) after college (UCLA Economics/Political Science Class of 06′), I started running online marketing campaigns on Yahoo!  At the time, it wasn’t too difficult to make money online. In fact, my first day in the space I was profitable (thanks to a friend who gave me some great tips). Nowadays, due to competition and other variables, it’s not so easy — but with a little time, investment & effort, I believe that anyone with basic computer skills can generate a livable income using the internet.  Once things are really moving, you can focus on building web assets and start living the kind of lifestyle most people dream about (no joke).  In fact, while I’m writing this, not only is my business on auto pilot (for the most part), but I’m in the middle of a one month business trip in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) visiting my business partners and having a great time in the process!


Photo: Taking flying lessons in a Cessna 182Turbo over beautiful San Diego, CA 

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