Affiliate Summit West 2012

The team got back from ASW in Las Vegas just the other day. We had a great show! Some highlights included walking the convention hall, attending the meet market, partying at the Bank (at the Bellagio) which is a SICK club, attending the Tip off Party and the Mailer Meetup parties at the Palms, and to finish it off we got to see Nelly perform at the AffiliateBall! If you want to make money online this is the place to be to make deals and network with partners from all over the world.

Out of all of the shows I typically attend (Ad Tech SF and NYC, and ASW in Vegas and ASE in NYC), I believe that ASW in Vegas is the best show to attend, for a few reasons.  First, I’d argue its the most popular show among affiliates, so the turnout is solid.  The parties are the best (its in Vegas… come on!).  You get the best mix of exhibitors that show up – traffic sources, vendors, networks, etc. (compared to AdTechs).   Also, since its Vegas, prices are much better for hotels and food compared to NYC and SF.  When I was in NYC last, we paid 10x the cost for our hotel and it was 1/10th as nice as the digs we enjoyed in Vegas.  Another thing — seems everyone’s mood at the Vegas show is more positive… everyone’s having more fun!  Vegas is just a great atmosphere for a convention like this.

I just learned that they will be having an ASC (Affiliate Summit Central) which will be a smaller conference in Austin, TX.  I guess they are capping the attendee list at a few hundred and only having a few dozen tables/exhibitors.  I probably won’t be going to this one but it would be worth it for anyone who lives near Austin.

I had a chance to stop by a few of the sessions which were helpful.  I also got to see part of the keynote which was more inspirational than anything.  Typically the best part of going to these shows is the networking with new clients/contacts and also seeing your current business partners to discuss projects and goals for the year.

I was able to attend the keynotes from John Spoelstra & Eric Thomas (on Jan 9) and ShoeMoney’s (on Jan 10). All of these speakers provided very inspirational speeches and my favorite was probably Spoelstra’s. He is a very successful business man, and has written several books such as Marketing Outrageously which I highly recommend.

I think one of the best times to network at the show is at the Meet Market which was in the Forum Ballroom… its face to face networking, and people are usually not tired out from all of the partying at the show since it takes place on the first day… so definitely don’t miss out.

One of the sessions I enjoyed was the SEO Clinic because you had the chance to have experts review a site for SEO problems and tips on how to get the site to rank better in the search engines.

I made a lot of contacts at this show. One company you should definitely check out is Sterkly. Feel free to contact Dennis Olson for assitance: Mobile: (949) 244-2512,,