Landing Page Tips

1. Be sure to list key points why the customer should sign up for whatever it is you are enticing them to sign up for
2. Display a “call to action” – these can be buttons, text links, etc.
3. Instill trust with good ad copy
4. Satisfy search engine quality requirements
a. Include footer links that say “Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions”. Google likes to see these things, as you seem more like a real credible site. Make them actual pages too, just make them pop up in a small window when the user clicks them (if they ever do). Just copy the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions from the offer you’re running, and then make some content for the About and Contact pages.
5. Boost SEO ranking
a. Have a content written for you (10-20+ articles or something), and link to that from your site. Again you can do this above the footer links or something. Just write something like “Helpful Articles:”, and then list them. When Google or other search engines crawls your page, they’ll see that you’re not just some bridge page, you’re a real site that contains a lot of relevant content.
b. The easiest way to keep adding fresh content to your site is through a blog. Create a blog using WordPress and host it on Add your initial articles that you’re going to link to from your homepage. Then every few weeks, have a new batch of articles written and update your blog with them. Google will see the new content that keeps coming in and put your domain in good standing. If you have hundreds of articles attached to your site and is accessible through your homepage, you’re going to look like a fully blown website that deserves to be in the search results.
c. Include 1 article on the main page. After the very bottom footer links, put a few line break tabs and then paste and article. When a user comes to your page, they likely won’t see it, but when Google crawls your page they’ll see all the content on it.