Some POF Advertising Tips

The key to making money on the internet comes down to one word: TRAFFIC.  Same goes for all campaigns on Plenty of Fish (  Get a lot of traffic that converts and you will make $.

I personally know people who’ve made 4 figures a day profit running on POF, so it’s nothing to laugh about.

I’m not sure if any of these tips have already been discussed on other internet marketing blogs, but I thought I’d share them anyways.

Tip #1: Increase CTR.  There are two ways to do this.  First, slowly increase CPM, this will get you higher priority impressions on visitors. Second, slowly increase frequency cap (sweet spot is usually 3 to 8 ) – this will increase your ad’s visibility to individual visitors.  You will have to play around with these variables to make sure you don’t lose a ton of money.  For example, if you are bidding at 30 cents CPM, dont move it to 60 cents immediately…. make changes gradually and track results.  Also remember to not use round numbers, try odd numbers like 33 cents and 59 cents.  This is old news.

Tip #2: Play around with the session depth targeting option.  When a person first logs in to see their POF profile, they’ll typically spend a few minutes checking messages etc before paying attention to ads.  You can avoid wasting ad impressions by excluding ad impressions on the first 5 or 6 pages the visitor sees with the session depth variable.  Let’s say you want to run a gaming offer on POF.  Typically you want bored people to see your ad so they have a higher chance of clicking on it.  If you force impressions late in a visitors session depth, your CTR will be much better.  Another campaign you can run in a late session depth might be a dating campaign.  Try headlines like “Bored of the girls on this site?”  or something like that (I have no idea if that will work its just an idea).  Typically people late in session depth have already seen everything they wanted to on the site and are probably just browsing around and might be bored.

Tip #3: Play around with the login count variable.  This can be used to show ads to either new members or members who have been using POF for a while.  Let’s say you want to run a diet rebill on POF.  Typically members who have been on the site for a while have already seen these ads many times over the past year or two, and will be blind to your ads (aka banner blindness), and will just overlook them.  You will be wasting impressions on these visitors.  Instead, try limiting your ad displays on a campaign like this to people who are new and have a low login count (maybe try 1-25).  Newer POF members are probably more likely to click on these types of ads and convert.

Tip #4: Use landing pages for campaigns that you would typically direct link.  Make the landing page look like the offer page so that the shock factor is reduced when they click over.  With this method you can possibly capture data (which is worth $) among other things.  Distinguish yourself and try something new.  Stop copying everyone else and be innovative— eventually something will work and you will make a lot of money.

Tip #5: International traffic is cheap on POF – take advantage of it.  I hear traffic for males in countries like UK/AUS/Canada is cheap, like 10-15 cent CPMs.  The volume is lower than the USA, but its much cheaper.

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