ASE: Worth It?

In a word: definitely.

I had a great time out in NYC last week.  Although the after hours party scene isn’t as intense as ASW or AdTech SF, it was still a lot of fun.  Saw a lot of familiar faces and met a ton of new people as well.  It’s also pretty cool to put faces to names – there are so many people I only know via AIM/phone and I have no idea what they look like until I see them at conferences.

Aside from the swag you pickup at these conferences, a lot of businesses have special deals for conference attendees, i.e. coupons, etc…

Here’s a few: (self serve PPC platform) – For a $50 credit use promo SESP100 – save 20% with AFFSUMMIT expires nov 1 2010

I need to go through some more fliers and maybe I’ll update this with more coupons later this week.

One of the highlights of the conference (for me) was HeavyTs dinner that was sponsored by Ads4Dough among others.  See some of the pics here.  Of course, it was open bar, so everyone had a good time.

If you have some time, watch the Keynote from ASE here.

Couple pics:



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  1. My first time to AS in NY. I thought it was fantastic. So many people to meet and so little time. I see my pic up there!, yeah, met museum was cool too!

    Thanks for the promo codes!

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