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A friend of mine showed me this new tool called the Google Font Previewer.   Basically with this tool you can edit text and change fonts then just copy the code onto your website/landing page.  Here’s a getting started guide for more information.  There are more Google tools here if you want to browse.

Another pretty neat tool I found is the Bing photo search tool.  Basically you can pick colors and it will search for photos that match those colors.  This is useful for making theme based landing pages or finding images to use in creatives.  Go to Bing Image Search then select Color > Specific Color.  Then, simply fill in the box with the colors you are looking for and Bing will bring up the search results.  There are a ton of other features like being able to search for just faces, or choosing different styles such as illustrations.  Remember to be sure you aren’t breaking any copyrights when using images in your creatives/landing pages (this will limit your chance of being sued ;-).

Another sweet tool is the Demographic Predictor tool from MSN.  This tool predicts a site visitor’s age, gender, and other demographic information, based on their online behavior, such as what queries they search online and what web sites they visit.

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