Up Your Game with the John Wooden Pyramid

(Below: Meeting the Legend himself at a UCLA game)

The passing of coach John Wooden came to me with great sorrow last week.  The world has lost a great inspiration and American cultural icon.   With his legendary success on the court and the way he lived his edifying life, this holy &  humble man was a true example to all.  As a former UCLA student who was huge into the college basketball scene, I had a deep respect for this man.

Since most affiliate marketers work alone from home, I thought I’d recommend one of  Wooden’s philosophical building blocks for winning at basketball and at life– called the Pyramid of Success.  Self motivation when you work alone can be tough, so following a guide like this is essential to helping you achieve your goals and keeping one step ahead of the rest.

Here are some ways to apply this to your affiliate game:

Enthusiasm & Industriousness – these are the foundational cornerstones of the pyramid.  By applying energy and resourcefulness as the foundation of your business & campaigns, you will work more efficiently and this will ultimately help your bottom line.

Competitive greatness – be competitive!  If you see someone making money at some traffic source, ask yourself why you aren’t doing the same.  Obviously, if someone has been running ads for Penny Stocks (example) on Pulse360 (example) for a long period of time, they must be making money.  Get in on it!  Come up with some innovative ideas on how to run the same campaign.

Poise – don’t let your campaign failures affect you emotionally.  This will put you in the doldrums and you wont have the drive to test out more campaign ideas.

Confidence – have confidence in yourself.  If you have a great idea, don’t let it pass you by.  Have confidence that you can get it to work and go for it.  Don’t let a failure on your first test let you down.  Figure out why it didn’t work and keep trying.

Condition & Skill – keep yourself on top of your game by reading industry news, learning what the other successful affiliates are doing, and browsing ads at different traffic sources.   When you run a campaign on X traffic source, spend some time learning how to fully utilize that traffic platform.  Don’t half heartedly throw up a campaign and expect it to work.  Learn as much as you can about all of the different features and apply what you learn on your campaign.

Team Spirit, Friendship, Loyalty, & Cooperation- work together with your affiliate managers and traffic source contacts and treat them as true business partners.  Everyone is in this business to make money.  Ask a lot of questions.  Bring something to the table and provide value.  Make friends with other affiliates and run campaigns together.

Self-Control & Alertness – set a schedule for your online business and stick to it.  Don’t be a lazy sack and sleep in till noon everyday.  My most successful affiliates who consistently make thousands of dollars a day profit generally work a consistent schedule.  Control the draw of web browsing and Wickedfire lurking and focus on the task at hand.  In a nutshell, GET TO WORK, SON!

Initiative & Intentness- take a sheet of paper, and write down your goals.  Put this sheet somewhere you will see it from where you work and remember what you are working towards.  If you are a newb, I would set a goal of making $100 profit/day consistently.  Once you reach that goal, set a goal of $300/day (comes out to approx $100k a year).   Continue setting new goals and follow through with them.  Set a date to achieve these goals and regularly assess your progress.

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Print this out and tape it to your monitor to remind yourself of the principles that will launch your business to success:


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