Ad:Tech San Francisco 2010

I’ve been super busy since Ad:Tech and although I’ve been meaning to write about it, I just haven’t gotten around to it until now.  All in all this was probably my best conference in terms of networking and meeting a lot of important industry people, outside of affiliates and affiliate networks.  The parties were pretty good too.  Monday afternoon I met up with RicDes, Mattern, Heavy T and a few other guys for lunch.  Took em to a place called House of Nanking on the border of North Beach and ChinaTown.  Monday night involved heading to Clift and “The Great American Music Hall” (what a dumb name) for some company’s party.  Tuesday night was the 202 meetup and a bunch of other stuff.

Here are some snapshots:

The AffBuzz Bday Cake (above)

Phoenix Morgan


Ian Fernando


Saurik.  This guy is an internet celebrity and he looks like Gandalf from LOTR.  He basically figures out how to jailbreak/unlock anything that apple comes out with.  After talking with him for a few mins he pulled out his newly broken iPad and showed me that Cydia and Icy were installed.  This is only a few days after Apple released the product.  Pretty cool.


Saw this on a poster board.


View from my room at the W.


Thought I’d throw this in.  This is Picnic Day at UC Davis on Saturday before AdTech.  Basically just thousands of college students partying all day long.


Some random band at the American Music Hall? ( I think that’s the name).  It was open bar.


EWA party

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  1. Great pics Mike, looked like a blast!

    BTW, just read your About page…what’d you major in college? I’m currently looking into many different things right now, would like to get an affiliates point of view.

  2. Economics, nice. I’m thinking about Finance or Marketing…but am wondering if it would be better to study more tech stuff like computer programming or IT.

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