Make Bank with Facebook Groups

You can make money by creating free Facebook Groups.  This simple, free traffic source is often overlooked by many.  Recently, a friend of mine created a bunch of Facebook groups, and now (a few weeks later) the number of members for each group is in the thousands. With Facebook Groups, if I’m not mistaken you can send direct messages to up to 5000 members at a time.  If the number of members in the group exceeds 5000, you can’t direct message all members.  Good to keep in mind when your group starts to grow past 5000.  If you create a group that reaches membership in the hundreds of thousands, you can sell that group online for thousands of dollars. Once you have your group, treat it like an email base — don’t blast messages to them too often, otherwise they will leave your group.  Once a week should be okay.  Make your message blasts relevant, informative, and monetize-able. For each group you create, be sure to add a script so that new members can invite ALL of their friends to also join the group.

Tips for creating groups that will naturally attract large membership bases:

1. Create a group based on world events or pop culture.  If something huge happens in the news, create a group about it.  If a famous person dies, create a group in their honor.  If one of the Judges on American Idol annoys the heck out of you, create a group criticizing them in a unique/funny way.  Come up with your own ideas!

2. Create a group based on past events or eras.  “People Born in the 1980s,” “My Grandfather F aught in WWII,” Etc…

3. Create a group based on location.  “People of San Jose California” etc…  Once you get massive membership in local groups like this, you can do some Local Lead Gen.

4. Create a group based on interest.  For example, “I Love Golf.”  Imagine if you had a user base of even just 5000 in a group like this.  Blast out a direct message telling them about a new, sick golf game you  found (, and tell em they can play it for free.  If even just 5% of your members sign up to play, at $1/lead that’s $250.

5. Create a group based on a Facebook App or Game.  Once you get massive membership, send out messages like “Get 50 points for X in Y game by Playing this new game!”  or “Get 50 Points in X game for inviting all of your friends to play Y game” — then put your affiliate link for the new (related) game in there. Then, create an ebook detailing the secrets of how to win Y game, and sell it for $50.  At least a few of the 5000 members will buy it 🙂

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