World Golf Tour: a sick little game you can bank with

If you’re looking for a straightforward offer to run, look no further than World Golf Tour.  The USGA recognizes WGT as the exclusive platform provider for its virtual golf championships, and this partnership can’t hurt.  A sponsorship like that makes the game look even more legit.  Although this offer just came out recently and is hitting daily caps on the few networks that have it, starting in April caps should increase and that means more money for everyone.  This isn’t atypical for a new offer – usually an advertiser will test the waters with lower volume in the beginning, and take some time to test the quality of the leads that come in.  Later on, when the advertiser realizes the quality is okay and they can profit from the leads that come through, they open the flood gates.

If you can drive some volume on Facebook or Myspace, definitely give this offer a test run.  If you have the money to do a media buy, try golf/sports/game related sites.  Although no PPV at the moment, if that is ever allowed – popping a clone LP of the offer on any golf related domains would probably crush it.  As for some keyword ideas, I spent 10 minutes making a list that you can find below.  Some ideas I came up with include top lists of golfers, favorite golf movies, etc.


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