Simple code to send traffic to multiple links with one click

See that dollar bill?  Yeah, you might be able to make more of those if you read this.

Do you run multiple offers on your landing page?  It wouldn’t be unwise to split test this idea.  Try one LP with separate links to the offer pages (the visitor has to click on each affiliate link separately to arrive at the offer pages), and one page with both offer links going to the same script that will open multiple tabs for the offer pages (the visitor only has to click once).   Its possible that a visitor will forget to go back to the landing page after completing the first of multiple offers you are advertising.  This will force them to see everything (so long as they haven’t configured their browser to block popups/multiple tabs from opening).

Thanks to my coworker who drafted this for me:

function go() {
window.location.href = ‘’;‘’);‘’);
<a href=”javascript:;” onclick=”go();”>Click Here</a>

Save this into an html document on your server, then link to it to run the script.  For example, put it in then link to it.

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  1. yeah man. try running like a PPV campaign with an LP for gift cards. put a few gift card offers on there and use the script for that. 3 submits is better than 1 🙂

  2. a href=’javascript:;’“”)“”)>lolol

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