March Madness Campaign Idea

I’ve got a campaign idea that I think would do pretty well.  It just needs to be tested.  Here in the states, every March there’s a huge college basketball tournament that is commonly referred to as “March Madness.”

We have an offer in our system called “Dish Network – March Madness” that pays out $13.50/lead on a first page submit.  You can choose from multiple offer landing pages.

Here’s the link to the offer (I pasted the whole link so you can see how to set it up):– &lp=march_madness_z01

Targeting options with an offer like this would be pretty simple.  For example, you could try running on facebook with keyword and other demo targeting.  For example, keyword= UCLA.  There are hundreds of thousands of students/graduates that have profiles on Facebook that are either part of the or have similar keywords in their profiles.  You can also target by city or zip code (Los Angeles/90024), or education status (in college, college graduate), etc..

Ad title variations could be somewhere along the lines of “Watch March Madness?, Get March Madness for $20, Have NCAA Basketball Fever?, Watch (school name here) Basketball?, Watch (school name here) Basketball for $20, Watch (school name here) beat (opposing school name) for $20?”, etc.

These are just some quick ideas I came up with off the top of my head but I’m sure you can come up with something that is creative.  For the picture try using action shots, pictures of people watching TV, etc..  Using school logos might be a but risky due to copyright laws.

Check out for even more Facebook targeting ideas.

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