Email/Zip Submits: How do they work?

As you all know, a lot of people have been moving into the lead gen space recently.  Some affiliates have begun pushing email/zip submit offers on a large scale.  These offers typically pay out around $1-2 per lead, and all they require by you is for the visitor to enter a zip code or email address.  A lot of my publishers don’t really understand the concept behind email/zip submits, so I’m going to try to explain how they work.  The advertiser makes money on the back-end through a co-registration process and incentivized offer sign up.  As soon as a visitor enters their zip or email, they are sent to a page where they enter more details about themselves, such as address, phone number, etc…  Following this page, they can be sent to a survey page where they answer simple questions about products/services they are interested in.  Based upon the answers they entered for the survey, they are sent page by page through offers (typically lead gen offers) related to the interests they selected with most/all of the forms pre-filled out.  The visitor can choose to submit their info for the particular offer/promotion, or skip to the next offer.   After being put through a few of these co-reg promotions, they are sent to a final page where they are required to complete several affiliate offers (which typically require a credit card) before being sent a confirmation email to confirm shipping details for their free gift card.

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  1. I run a GPT website and this is definitely one of the more popular opportunities out there. Zip submits have the advantage of being EASY to convert on, and you can really make a decent amount of money fast. Obviously the typical affiliate will promote a product that gets $10+ per commission, but zip submits are definitely an interesting strategy for capitalizing on volume.

  2. the conversion rate on these offers is so high that it compensates for the lower payout. people always look at payout but they should be looking at all of the variables. an offer can have a $100 payout but have a 0% conversion rate. it has absolutely no value.

    a lot of guys are running gift cards with PPV traffic and are driving literally thousands of leads a day. download some PPV toolbars (try game vance, or look in my section on traffic sources) and you will be able to see what types of offers people are running/popping on PPV.

  3. I’m running a site which basically tries to convert email / zip and clickbank. It’s not doing to bad for 4 days and I’m getting some conversions, if I had to guess, around 5 – 10% maybe. My focus on email and zips are trying to get potentials to enter their email or zip, that’s my goal. As an affiliate, once they’ve done that my jobs done. I’m working on strategies based on that focus.

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