World Golf Tour: a sick little game you can bank with

If you’re looking for a straightforward offer to run, look no further than World Golf Tour.  The USGA recognizes WGT as the exclusive platform provider for its virtual golf championships, and this partnership can’t hurt.  A sponsorship like that makes the game look even more legit.  Although this offer just came out recently and is hitting daily caps on the few networks that have it, starting in April caps should increase and that means more money for everyone.  This isn’t atypical for a new offer – usually an advertiser will test the waters with lower volume in the beginning, and take some time to test the quality of the leads that come in.  Later on, when the advertiser realizes the quality is okay and they can profit from the leads that come through, they open the flood gates.

If you can drive some volume on Facebook or Myspace, definitely give this offer a test run.  If you have the money to do a media buy, try golf/sports/game related sites.  Although no PPV at the moment, if that is ever allowed – popping a clone LP of the offer on any golf related domains would probably crush it.  As for some keyword ideas, I spent 10 minutes making a list that you can find below.  Some ideas I came up with include top lists of golfers, favorite golf movies, etc.


Simple code to send traffic to multiple links with one click

See that dollar bill?  Yeah, you might be able to make more of those if you read this.

Do you run multiple offers on your landing page?  It wouldn’t be unwise to split test this idea.  Try one LP with separate links to the offer pages (the visitor has to click on each affiliate link separately to arrive at the offer pages), and one page with both offer links going to the same script that will open multiple tabs for the offer pages (the visitor only has to click once).   Its possible that a visitor will forget to go back to the landing page after completing the first of multiple offers you are advertising.  This will force them to see everything (so long as they haven’t configured their browser to block popups/multiple tabs from opening).

Thanks to my coworker who drafted this for me:

function go() {
window.location.href = ‘’;‘’);‘’);
<a href=”javascript:;” onclick=”go();”>Click Here</a>

Save this into an html document on your server, then link to it to run the script.  For example, put it in then link to it.

Email/Zip Submits: How do they work?

As you all know, a lot of people have been moving into the lead gen space recently.  Some affiliates have begun pushing email/zip submit offers on a large scale.  These offers typically pay out around $1-2 per lead, and all they require by you is for the visitor to enter a zip code or email address.  A lot of my publishers don’t really understand the concept behind email/zip submits, so I’m going to try to explain how they work.  The advertiser makes money on the back-end through a co-registration process and incentivized offer sign up.  As soon as a visitor enters their zip or email, they are sent to a page where they enter more details about themselves, such as address, phone number, etc…  Following this page, they can be sent to a survey page where they answer simple questions about products/services they are interested in.  Based upon the answers they entered for the survey, they are sent page by page through offers (typically lead gen offers) related to the interests they selected with most/all of the forms pre-filled out.  The visitor can choose to submit their info for the particular offer/promotion, or skip to the next offer.   After being put through a few of these co-reg promotions, they are sent to a final page where they are required to complete several affiliate offers (which typically require a credit card) before being sent a confirmation email to confirm shipping details for their free gift card.

Get a Free Ad:Tech San Francisco Pass!

Now is the time to register for Ad:Tech SF.  You can get a free pass by going here and signing up before March 19, 2010.  Ad:Tech is an awesome conference.   I attended last year and had a great time.  It’s different from ASW in the sense that ASW is more publisher/affiliate network focused, and Ad:Tech is more focused on traffic sources.  You’ll get a chance for 1:1 face time with reps at the different ad networks, and this is helpful when starting to drive large volume because you can leverage these relationships to negotiate the terms of your traffic costs, etc… Not only will you get to talk with the ad networks, but you’ll get to meet tons of other affiliates who you can collaborate with after the conference is over.

See you there!

March Madness Campaign Idea

I’ve got a campaign idea that I think would do pretty well.  It just needs to be tested.  Here in the states, every March there’s a huge college basketball tournament that is commonly referred to as “March Madness.”

We have an offer in our system called “Dish Network – March Madness” that pays out $13.50/lead on a first page submit.  You can choose from multiple offer landing pages.

Here’s the link to the offer (I pasted the whole link so you can see how to set it up):– &lp=march_madness_z01

Targeting options with an offer like this would be pretty simple.  For example, you could try running on facebook with keyword and other demo targeting.  For example, keyword= UCLA.  There are hundreds of thousands of students/graduates that have profiles on Facebook that are either part of the or have similar keywords in their profiles.  You can also target by city or zip code (Los Angeles/90024), or education status (in college, college graduate), etc..

Ad title variations could be somewhere along the lines of “Watch March Madness?, Get March Madness for $20, Have NCAA Basketball Fever?, Watch (school name here) Basketball?, Watch (school name here) Basketball for $20, Watch (school name here) beat (opposing school name) for $20?”, etc.

These are just some quick ideas I came up with off the top of my head but I’m sure you can come up with something that is creative.  For the picture try using action shots, pictures of people watching TV, etc..  Using school logos might be a but risky due to copyright laws.

Check out for even more Facebook targeting ideas.