How to grow your Twitter following

Social marketing is becoming the new source of traffic for many affiliates and companies.  As an affiliate, you can leverage this traffic and start making money by using sites like Twitter.  There are many tools out there on the marketplace to help you generate income with Twitter, but one I have been playing around with recently has worked pretty well for me.  It’s called Social Snipe, and it was created by my friend (and well known affiliate marketer) Ian Fernando at  You can use this tool to build a massive, extremely targeted following on Twitter — and once you have a large following, you can start tweeting about products that your followers are interested in (directing traffic to your landing pages).  There are a couple pretty cool features that this program offers:

1. The follow tool allows you to either follow the followers of certain twitter accounts or you can follow accounts which have tweeted about a keyword of your choosing (you can even choose to only follow people who have tweeted the keyword in the past X tweets).

2. Geo targeting Twitter users. You can find users within a certain distance from your IP.

3. Time based following and tweeting. By using this feature, you wont get flagged by Twitter and have your account blocked.  You can schedule your tweets as well so it looks like you are constantly using your Twitter account.

4. Unfollow users that are not following you back. If you follow 500 people and only 200 follow you back, you have the option to unfollow the 300 who did not reciprocate your follow.

There are a bunch of other cool features but I wanted to highlight these since I think they are the most useful.

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