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Do your daily web browsing activities include reading your email, blog-surfing, checking your stats, and seeing who posted on your Facebook wall? Bingo. You already have access to and knowledge of one of the most profitable, high traffic sources for lead generation. So, as you may have already guessed, I’m talking Facebook.

Facebook boasts that it has over 400 million active users, with 50% of those people logging in daily for an average of 55 minutes. The sheer volume of Facebook users makes it a killer platform for targeted ads like dating sites, insurance, and education offers. Although it takes some time to research your target audience and abide by Facebook Advertising Guidelines, it’s definitely worth the effort. I personally know an affiliate who made over $1 million profit on Facebook alone in 2009, and I know many others who consistently make $1000+ a day profit using Facebook advertising.

To get started with Facebook advertising, I’d read my friend’s Facebook Guide.

At ASW I picked up a free 2GB flash drive from the Facebook booth.  The drive contained some preloaded PDF documents that I’ve decided to share below.  Be sure to read the tip guides as they contain some good info on how to get started with your FB Ad Campaign.

FB Best Practices

Disapproval Destination

Disapproval Subscription

Facebook Ad Tips

Facebook Reporting Guide

Top 10 Ad Creating Tips

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