ASW2K10 Brief

Just a couple weeks ago I attended Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas with my colleagues.  Although it was a lot of work manning the Ads4Dough booth for 3 days straight, we had a great time attending the socials and parties.

I arrived in Vegas Saturday afternoon.  That evening I met up with one of my publishers for drinks at the Palms.  Later, another pub picked me up with a limo and took me to the Luxor, where we enjoyed VIP status at LAX nightclub, complete with table/bottle service.  Sunday night I attended an exclusive private party with A4D colleagues and clients.  Monday night was the Tracking202/Bloosky party, followed by the Mundo Media party.  After Mundo about 30 of us took a party bus over to the Encore/Wynn to hit up XS.  At XS, pretty much all of the tables were occupied by industry people, and I spent most of my time there at the Pinnacle Dream booth. Around 5-6 AM, about 8 of us took a limo to some random restaurant to grub.  I didn’t get back to my room at the Palms until around 8 AM.  I attempted but failed at sleeping from 8-9 due to massive Redbull/Vodka intake throughout the night.

I think I’ll be taking a break from alcohol (joining the likes of Bryn Youngblut, et al) for a while 🙂

A4D Booth

At the Mundo Media party (Mon night)

At XS (Mon night)

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