Generating broad keyword lists

All affiliate marketers should have a solid grasp on this topic, especially anyone running traffic on search engines.

There are a few points you should keep in mind when creating a keyword list.  Pay attention to the depth as well as the breadth of your keyword list.  A deep keyword list basically has a root keyword with many variations of that keyword (including misspellings, etc).  A broad keyword list has related and lateral keywords, and this is the key to finding less saturated keywords that will cost less per click. When you first launch a campaign, its more important to go broad – this is how you will find sub niches.  Once you find a few keywords that convert, go deep on those keywords.

Let’s say an affiliate is running a female diet campaign.  If he developed a deep keyword list, he would have one keyword with many variations, for example:

Lose weight, lose weight fast, lose weight now, how to lose weight, easiest way to lose weight, tricks to lose weight, etc…

If he developed a broad keyword list it would look more like this:

Lose weight, alli diet pills, diet tips, low fat recipes, cellulite reduction, biggest loser, acai berry diet, fat flush, stomach staples, etc.

I just came up with these words off the top of my head, but I hope you get the idea.

An affiliate running a diet campaign might do his broad keyword research by reading women’s magazines like Cosmo or watching shows like Oprah.  Or, talk to some girls and find out what products they know about 😉

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  1. Pretty cool tip! Notepad is the best for this. Just sit down and write keywords.

    My only problem is that I get relevancy problems here. In YSM, I’ve had several campaigns over many different accounts shut down.

    So, I’m coping with it by staying super relevant and bidding on high traffic kws in order to develop high ctr and get that traffic.

    PS: awesome blog btw, looking forward to new articles

  2. I actually recommend Excel for creating your list since you can use functions to generate keyword variations. For example lets say you wanted to create a keyword list that included every city in the United States, for example, you could pull a list of all of the cities, put it in one column, and in the next column, put a targeted keyword string, then merge them together. It’s a quick way to create a huge keyword list.

    For example:

    San Francisco Teeth Whitening
    Chicago Teeth Whitening

  3. Yeah, I have been taught to use Excel because of quickness of commands and I have also setup a template so I can dump my campaigns from there into Adwords Editor. Also you’ll want to search for some cool Excel Macros relevant in making keywords lists.

  4. Yea, I actually do a lot of that. And if you use huge kw lists like the one AOL leaked you can use “Filter” option in Excel and exclude keywords with string you’re searching for.

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